About Us Feedhttp://www.invovleIt.comAbout Usen-usInvolve It About Us<p><img style="height: 180px; float: left; margin: 8px 15px 10px 0px;" title="Terry Bonertz" src="Images/Users/TerryBonertz.jpg" alt="Terry Bonertz" /><strong>Terry Bonertz</strong> has 30 years placing IT Professionals at all levels in a wide variety of industries in the Minneapolis - St. Paul market. This includes both full time employee and contract positions. He has developed an extensive network of IT Professionals across all information technology disciplines in a vast number of Companies. His forte is finding quality individuals who meet specific criteria. These factors enable Terry to serve the best interests of candidates while at the same time fulfilling companies' IT needs.</p> <p><strong>Terry</strong> received his MBA and B.S. degrees from the University of South Dakota. He is President of Involve I.T., Inc. Terry is also serves as Past President on the Board of SIM (Society for Information Management) - Minnesota Chapter, a national professional organization for IT Leaders. He worked in the insurance, real estate, and manufacturing industries before establishing an expertise as an I.T. Recruiter.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Debra Mayek</strong> has over 20 years experience placing IT Professionals into positions of all levels in companies in the Twin Cities market. This includes placing IT Professionals into contract and permanent employment positions in a wide variety of industries. Debra has built and continues to expand her candidate and client relationships enabling her to bring qualified and interested individuals to client companies' open positions.</p>1/27/2014AboutUs.rss